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Salida MAC Newsletter - April 2015

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Stanislaus County Sheriff Dept
Deputy Scott Block reported that seventeen new deputies will be graduating the academy in April. He also shared that he was aware that there were two areas of concern on either side of the freeway. He asked that residents continue to call and report issues.

California Highway Patrol
Officer AJ Palazuelos shared that the CHP has received complaints about speeding on Wallasey Way and Pirrone. Residents shared many concerns regarding speeding and school traffic issues.

Salida Fire Department
Salida Fire Chief Dale Skiles asked residents to bring people by the fire station or stop by if they have programs. Salida Fire will be co-sponsoring the "Every 15 Minutes Program" with Gregori High School. Salida Fire Department is averaging 120 emergency calls per month and many of the calls are overlapping calls. To research recommendations for better service, the Salida Fire District asked citizens of Salida, Del Rio, and Wood Colony to serve on a Citizens Advisory Committee which has been meeting since September. The Salida Fire Board will hold a public workshop at the fire station on Salida Blvd and Broadway on Thursday, April 2 at 7 pm to discuss recommendations for Salida Fire.

Chief Skiles also asked that citizens pull over if they see a fire engine with their sirens and lights on. He also asked that if any residents had tall weeds to please cut them down.

Salida Sanitary District
Salida Sanitary District board member Brad Johnson reported that the loan for the solar dryers is almost paid off and the director has suggested that the Sanitary District take out another loan for capital improvement costs. Board member Johnson invited the public to attend the meetings which are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Sanitary District's headquarters off of Pirrone Rd.

Salida Chamber of Commerce
Amanda Sorenson shared the Salida Chamber of Commerce's project for Love Salida on Saturday, April 18 at 9 am will be care packages for Salida firefighters (including volunteers), sheriff deputies and CHP officers. Salida Chamber welcomes donations of the following items: Starbucks gift cards and/or coffee, Girl Scout cookies, Energy bars/granola bars, sunflower seeds, eye drops, razors, (travel sizes of the following) shaving cream wet wipes/hand sanitizer, Gold Bond powder, shoe polish, sunscreen lip balm, or cash donations. Please feel free to call Amanda at (209) 232-5022 or contact her through the Salida Chamber's website at

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library
Salida Library Director Carol Blomquist shared there will be no preschool or Wiggle-worms storytimes, or stay-n-play this month; these programs will resume in May. Tuesday's for Family Day programs "Wee Move and Play" for 5-yr olds is on April 14th @ 4pm. Lego day is on April 28 @ 4pm and children under age 4 need to have any adult with them. Dance exercise continues on Mondays at 6 pm, Modesto Money Mavens couponing class is Saturday, April 11th at 3:30. Money Smart Week for Kids is April 21 @ 4 pm ages 9-15 only. On April 25th at 1 pm is an identity theft program hosted by Bank of the West. Visit the website for more upcoming events. Ms. Blomquist also announced that after 10 years at the Salida Library, Barb will be retiring.

Modesto Irrigation District
MID Director Jake Wenger gave an update on the Prop 218 process that the district is involved in. Director Wenger said that this year will be the most difficult one in the history of MID, they are looking at a 16 inch allocation per acre. Last year was the largest reduction with 24 inches in allotment.  The district is looking at different drought programs to make water available, like farmers selling water they don't use back to the district. Director Wenger also addressed the recent letter to the editor in the Modesto Bee asking why there is water in the canals. He stated that its groundwater, there's no water coming out of the reservoirs right now. MID owns about 100 wells and farmers are renting those pumps and wells in certain sections. April 5th will be the start of the irrigation season.

Special Presentation - "Focus on Prevention - Quality of Life Initiative" Program 
presented by Aaron Farnon
Aaron Farnon shared Stanislaus County's new initiative called "Focus on Prevention" which includes nine sectors of our community: Arts, Sports & Entertainment; Business, Education, Faith-based, Government, Media, Neighborhoods, Non-profits, Philanthropy. There are four quality of life areas to be addressed and the first one is Homelessness which will convene on October 1st at Modesto Centre Plaza. Mr. Farnon said they are close to starting "Action Councils" which he is hoping to have some representation from towns within our county like Salida. The goal is to have membership within a community to oversee and develop action plans, and work with the community to see where there are gaps in our services. They are looking specifically for someone in the community who has a passion for prevention. He gave an example of an overlapping gap in service when different housing providers didn't coordinate efforts and when people apply at one group, they can lose out on permanent housing at another group. Mr. Farnon stated that beginning at the end of May, they will be reaching out to people who wish to be on the action council. Citizens who serve on the action council will be lending their voice and be a set of eyes for our community. For questions or to volunteer for an action council, please contact Aaron Farnon at

Click here for a copy of the Focus on Prevention handout

Stanislaus County Supervisor's Report
Supervisor Terry Withrow stated that the county has finalized their mid-year budget. The budget is recovering from the recession and revenues are coming in higher than expected. The Board of Supervisors' priority is for increasing public safety, hiring more sheriff deputies, etc. The goal right now is for 172 deputies, including one designated for Salida. Supervisor Withrow also shared how the county wishes to partner with the court system to reduce costs.


Salida Town and Country Festival - Salida Civic Association needs volunteers to help with putting on this year's Town & Country Festival. Contact Kathy Paioni at (209) 545-0601 if you can help.

Love Salida - Love Salida will be held on Saturday, April 18 with meet-up at Salida Park at 9 am. As mentioned above, the Salida Chamber of Commerce will be compiling care packages for local safety personnel and running a freeway clean-up along the Hammett Road exit ramp. The Rotary Club of Salida project is to clean and weed the center median on Broadway. Other Love Salida Projects include: graffiti removal, alleyway clean-up, Salida Food Bank donations, clothing donations, and cleaning up illegal dump sites in Wood Colony. For more information and/or volunteer, please contact Dan Miceli at or show up at Salida Park at 9 am. Event ends at 1 pm.

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Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Presentation:"Gangs in Stanislaus County"
presented by Sheriff Dept Detective Frank Soria

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