Monday, August 24, 2015

Salida MAC Newsletter - August 2015

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Stanislaus County Sheriff Department
Lt. Marc Nuno said more sheriff deputies are being hired, but even so, crime is getting more violent. Lt. Nuno is tasked with getting the Salida substation manned. He reminded everyone that National Night Out is August 4 but said that he didn't know if the Sheriff's Dept would make it by any gatherings in Salida due to staffing.

Mary Alpers with the STARS unit announced she has magnets available that have the sheriff's emergency and non-emergency numbers printed on them.

Public Comments
Stanislaus County Department of Public Works did not make it to the meetings so residents relayed their concerns to Supervisor Terry Withrow. Concerns include the broken wall at Finney & Gold Valley that was hit by a car and has not been repaired for months now. Also, the condition of the landscaping along Finney and Murphy Rds, and the removal of mailboxes by the Salida Post Office.
Salida's MID Director, Jake Wenger

Modesto Irrigation District
MID Director Jake Wenger shared that budget workshops started today. Each item is gone through and the budget can be viewed on MID's website. Good news on electric prices – the board does not foresee the need for a rate increase. The CARES program forgives four and a half million dollars a year for low income ratepayers. Irrigation season ends October 9. 684 ft is the elevation of the reservoir. MID has one of the lowest outage times in the country.

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library
Tuesdays are Family Days Programs which will continue through August. On August 4 at 4 pm is Bubbles and Boredom Blasters – a program exploring bubbles, marshmallow shooters and other fun experiments and activities. August 11 at 4 pm is Wee Move and Play – a music, movement, and sensory play program for ages 1-5. August 18 at 6 pm is Family Dinner and Movie Night. Enjoy a family-friendly movie and bring a picnic dinner. The library provides drinks and popcorn. This month's feature: “Planes – Fire and Rescue”. August 25 at 4 pm is LEGO blocks while learning early math and engineering concepts. Children ages 4 and under need to be supervised by an adult. For adults is the Modesto Money Mavens Couponing class will be held in the community room on August 8 at 3:30 pm. Summer reading program ends August 4 and there will be drawings.

Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors
Supervisor Terry Withrow reported the board issued an emergency water proclamation to help those homeowners whose wells have dried up. Its not looking good for the negative bailout bill due to being opposed by the League of Cities because they would lose redevelopment monies. And while several Stanislaus County lighting districts saw a rate increase, Salida's did not go up.
National Night Out on August 4th at 6pm.
Salida Town & Country Festival – Saturday, August 22
Salida Fire Department 59th Annual Chicken BBQ – Saturday, August 22
Salida Sit-n-Sew Quilting Group meets Thursday August 23rd at 6pm at Salida Fire Station 12 (Salida Blvd & Broadway Ave)

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Featured Department: "Stanislaus County Department of Public Works"

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Salida MAC Newsletter - July 2015

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Salida Family Movie Night
Salida Family Movie Night at Segesta Park was a huge success, about 60 people attended to watch the movie "Hook". Our thanks to Eastside Mosquito Abatement for spraying the park earlier in the day and to Capt. Rizotto and Salida Fire Department for their support.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Dept
Mary Alpers with the STARS unit has magnets available that has the emergency and non-emergency numbers printed on them. They also have small badges for children. The STARS have driven around Salida and Anderson Care Home and have seen issues that has been brought up at previous meetings.

California Highway Patrol
Officer Chuck Leon reported there have been 6 auto accidents in Salida. One was a DUI accident at Ladd and American.

Salida Fire Department
Capt Rizotto giving Salida Fire report
Captain Joe Rizotto reported there has been 111 calls for service in the last 30 days and 597 calls in the last 6 months. Average response time is 5 minutes and 55 seconds. They have gone to all the elementary schools in Salida to give demonstrations and safety information. There was a structure fire at Hope Lane and Salida Blvd. Another structure fire occurred at Kiernan Village in April which displaced 26 residents as well as a large vegetation fire on McHenry on June 18. Additionally, SFD and Woodland FD fought a hay fire consisting of 35 tons in Wood Colony. The fire assessment failed 1878 ballots were returned, 941 yes votes, 937 no votes. Due to the weighted ballot, the assessment failed 52% to 48%. 16 new volunteers have recently joined the department. The chicken BBQ dinner will take place on Saturday, August 22 and tickets are $12 each. Fireworks sales start on June 28th.

Salida Sanitary District
Brad Johnson reported that they are in the process of getting a loan to pay for projects and several businesses on Pirrone were paying for service but were not hooked up to the system.

Salida Post Office
John Paul Cabral reported that many homes in Salida who only have a post office box can start getting mail delivery at home via community mailboxes. No mailbox break ins recently. 

Salida Chamber of Commerce
The Salida Chamber of Commerce held a well-attended mixer on June 5 at Salida Veterinary Hospital hosted by Dr. Paul Sessa.

Modesto Irrigation District
Board member Jake Wenger reported they have been actively monitoring water levels and and being proactive to avoid water thefts. Many farmers have taken advantage of MID's drought incentive programs. Some board members went to Washington DC and met with Senator Boxer and Nancy Pelosi's staff to talk about the drought. It doesn't look like there will be an electric rate increase this year. 

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library
Wiggle Worms is on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 - open only to children under age 3 and their caregivers. Wednesday mornings at 11:00 - open to toddlers, their siblings, and their caregivers.  Preschool Story Time - Thursday mornings at 10:00 - open to children ages 3 to 5 and their caregivers Preschool Story Time is followed by Stay and Play... Play and Learn each week.  Summer Reading Program goes through August 4 - all ages. Gift basket prizes on display at the library. A Kindle Fire and Amazon gift certificate are possible prizes.

Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors District 3
Supervisor Withrow reported the board passed the county budget two weeks ago and there will be an increase in spending on public safety. The negative bailout failed in the state government. There is a water community meeting June 25 in Knights Ferry. Completion of the new day reporting center and coroner's office is almost completed. Homeless action meeting June 30th at the Sutter Gould building on McHenry ave at 1pm.

Salida Sit-n-Sew is a new quilting group organizing and if you quilt, you are invited to attend an organizational meeting on Thursday July 23rd at 7pm at Salida Fire Station 12 (Salida Blvd & Broadway Ave)
Former San Joaquin County Supervisor Ken Vogel is running for Kristen Olsen's assembly seat and he was recognized and thanked for attending our Salida MAC meetings and listening to the communities concerns.
National Night Out on Tuesday, August 4th at 6pm.

Salida MAC's website - visit:

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Featured Department: "Stanislaus County Department of Public Works"

Friday, April 10, 2015

Salida MAC Newsletter - April 2015

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Stanislaus County Sheriff Dept
Deputy Scott Block reported that seventeen new deputies will be graduating the academy in April. He also shared that he was aware that there were two areas of concern on either side of the freeway. He asked that residents continue to call and report issues.

California Highway Patrol
Officer AJ Palazuelos shared that the CHP has received complaints about speeding on Wallasey Way and Pirrone. Residents shared many concerns regarding speeding and school traffic issues.

Salida Fire Department
Salida Fire Chief Dale Skiles asked residents to bring people by the fire station or stop by if they have programs. Salida Fire will be co-sponsoring the "Every 15 Minutes Program" with Gregori High School. Salida Fire Department is averaging 120 emergency calls per month and many of the calls are overlapping calls. To research recommendations for better service, the Salida Fire District asked citizens of Salida, Del Rio, and Wood Colony to serve on a Citizens Advisory Committee which has been meeting since September. The Salida Fire Board will hold a public workshop at the fire station on Salida Blvd and Broadway on Thursday, April 2 at 7 pm to discuss recommendations for Salida Fire.

Chief Skiles also asked that citizens pull over if they see a fire engine with their sirens and lights on. He also asked that if any residents had tall weeds to please cut them down.

Salida Sanitary District
Salida Sanitary District board member Brad Johnson reported that the loan for the solar dryers is almost paid off and the director has suggested that the Sanitary District take out another loan for capital improvement costs. Board member Johnson invited the public to attend the meetings which are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Sanitary District's headquarters off of Pirrone Rd.

Salida Chamber of Commerce
Amanda Sorenson shared the Salida Chamber of Commerce's project for Love Salida on Saturday, April 18 at 9 am will be care packages for Salida firefighters (including volunteers), sheriff deputies and CHP officers. Salida Chamber welcomes donations of the following items: Starbucks gift cards and/or coffee, Girl Scout cookies, Energy bars/granola bars, sunflower seeds, eye drops, razors, (travel sizes of the following) shaving cream wet wipes/hand sanitizer, Gold Bond powder, shoe polish, sunscreen lip balm, or cash donations. Please feel free to call Amanda at (209) 232-5022 or contact her through the Salida Chamber's website at

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library
Salida Library Director Carol Blomquist shared there will be no preschool or Wiggle-worms storytimes, or stay-n-play this month; these programs will resume in May. Tuesday's for Family Day programs "Wee Move and Play" for 5-yr olds is on April 14th @ 4pm. Lego day is on April 28 @ 4pm and children under age 4 need to have any adult with them. Dance exercise continues on Mondays at 6 pm, Modesto Money Mavens couponing class is Saturday, April 11th at 3:30. Money Smart Week for Kids is April 21 @ 4 pm ages 9-15 only. On April 25th at 1 pm is an identity theft program hosted by Bank of the West. Visit the website for more upcoming events. Ms. Blomquist also announced that after 10 years at the Salida Library, Barb will be retiring.

Modesto Irrigation District
MID Director Jake Wenger gave an update on the Prop 218 process that the district is involved in. Director Wenger said that this year will be the most difficult one in the history of MID, they are looking at a 16 inch allocation per acre. Last year was the largest reduction with 24 inches in allotment.  The district is looking at different drought programs to make water available, like farmers selling water they don't use back to the district. Director Wenger also addressed the recent letter to the editor in the Modesto Bee asking why there is water in the canals. He stated that its groundwater, there's no water coming out of the reservoirs right now. MID owns about 100 wells and farmers are renting those pumps and wells in certain sections. April 5th will be the start of the irrigation season.

Special Presentation - "Focus on Prevention - Quality of Life Initiative" Program 
presented by Aaron Farnon
Aaron Farnon shared Stanislaus County's new initiative called "Focus on Prevention" which includes nine sectors of our community: Arts, Sports & Entertainment; Business, Education, Faith-based, Government, Media, Neighborhoods, Non-profits, Philanthropy. There are four quality of life areas to be addressed and the first one is Homelessness which will convene on October 1st at Modesto Centre Plaza. Mr. Farnon said they are close to starting "Action Councils" which he is hoping to have some representation from towns within our county like Salida. The goal is to have membership within a community to oversee and develop action plans, and work with the community to see where there are gaps in our services. They are looking specifically for someone in the community who has a passion for prevention. He gave an example of an overlapping gap in service when different housing providers didn't coordinate efforts and when people apply at one group, they can lose out on permanent housing at another group. Mr. Farnon stated that beginning at the end of May, they will be reaching out to people who wish to be on the action council. Citizens who serve on the action council will be lending their voice and be a set of eyes for our community. For questions or to volunteer for an action council, please contact Aaron Farnon at

Click here for a copy of the Focus on Prevention handout

Stanislaus County Supervisor's Report
Supervisor Terry Withrow stated that the county has finalized their mid-year budget. The budget is recovering from the recession and revenues are coming in higher than expected. The Board of Supervisors' priority is for increasing public safety, hiring more sheriff deputies, etc. The goal right now is for 172 deputies, including one designated for Salida. Supervisor Withrow also shared how the county wishes to partner with the court system to reduce costs.


Salida Town and Country Festival - Salida Civic Association needs volunteers to help with putting on this year's Town & Country Festival. Contact Kathy Paioni at (209) 545-0601 if you can help.

Love Salida - Love Salida will be held on Saturday, April 18 with meet-up at Salida Park at 9 am. As mentioned above, the Salida Chamber of Commerce will be compiling care packages for local safety personnel and running a freeway clean-up along the Hammett Road exit ramp. The Rotary Club of Salida project is to clean and weed the center median on Broadway. Other Love Salida Projects include: graffiti removal, alleyway clean-up, Salida Food Bank donations, clothing donations, and cleaning up illegal dump sites in Wood Colony. For more information and/or volunteer, please contact Dan Miceli at or show up at Salida Park at 9 am. Event ends at 1 pm.

Salida MAC's website - visit:

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Presentation:"Gangs in Stanislaus County"
presented by Sheriff Dept Detective Frank Soria

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Salida MAC Newsletter - March 2015

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Stanislaus County Sheriff Dept
Lt. Grom introduced Deputy Block who has been assigned Salida as a regular beat. 


Salida Fire Department

Salida MAC Chairman Katherine Borges reported on behalf of Salida Fire Chief Dale Skiles that there were 127 calls for service which were broken down into: 72 EMS calls, 4 fire calls, and several false alarms.

Salida Postmaster
Nanette Spyksma emphasized the need for people to pick up their packages and don't leave them on the porch as packages have been stolen recently. There have been no new mailbox break-ins in Salida.

Modesto Irrigation District
MID Director Jake Wenger reported there might be a decrease in the amount of water farmers receive due to the drought. Last year saw the largest reduction of water delivered in the history of the Modesto Irrigation District. There is currently a 40% water rate increase proposed that is currently in the Prop 218 45-day review process period before it can be voted on. It does not mean that 40% will go through, the MID Directors can approve less than 40%. There was a proposed 3 1/2% rate increase made by staff for electric rates, but no action has been taken at this time. MID customers might see a decrease in the environmental energy adjustment on their bills because MID collected more than was needed for the renewable energy fee last year.

Salida Library
Salida Library Director Carol Blomquist shared about the following library programs. For children: Wiggle Worms will continue through March on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 - open only to children under age 3 and their caregivers and on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 - open to toddlers, their siblings, and their caregivers. Preschool Story Time in on Thursday mornings at 10:00 - open to children ages 3 to 5 and their caregivers Preschool Story Time is followed by Stay and Play at 10:30. Tuesdays are family day. March 24th is Lego Day at 4 pm. March 31 at 4 pm is Día de los Niños/Day of the Child to celebrate Latino culture: this day of celebration will surprise and delight you as we dance, play games from Mexico and enjoy a craft together. For adults: Dance exercise classes continue on Mondays at 6 pm. 

Jeremy Ballard presenting on Holt sign

Stanislaus County Planning Dept.
Stanislaus County Senior Planner Miguel Galvez reported that due to the economy improving, they are getting more applications. Assistant Planner, Jeremy Ballard presented information on an application for Holt of California's sign variance (an additional sign at their location 4400 Salida Blvd.) The Stanislaus County Planning Commission will need to approve the added sign. The public hearing for the sign will be at the Planning Commission on March 19th.

Special Presentation - Salida Union School District's Green Programs
Twila Tosh holding one day's worth of
SUSD's recycled trays and composted
food waste.
Superintendent Twila Tosh shared that Salida Union School District has two solar voltaic arrays which haved saved the district about $36,000 in energy costs and they've installed HVAC controllers.

SUSD instituted a recycling program where they recycle the styrofoam trays as well as any uneaten food. The styrofoam is put into a machine that is located behind Sisk Elementary School where it is melted down to about the size of a textbook. A company comes and picks up the melted product where it is recycled and used to make items such as picture frames. This recycling program saves the school district $12,000 a year in waste service costs.
The food waste is put into a dehydrating pulping machine where it dehydrates the food reducing the amount of waste thrown away. The school has had people from all over the world come to learn about their recycling programs and SUSD even received special recognition from the White House.

Officer AJ Palazuelos reported that there have been officers out in the morning patrolling around the schools. There's been a lot of traffic complaints on Finney and Covert. They have also seen an increase in false registration tags on cars. Those vehicles will be towed.

Stanislaus County Supervisor's Report
Supervisor Terry Withrow shared "The Tale of Scott" from the State of the County speech and the county's plans for facilitating in bringing different community members and groups together to work on helping youth, the homeless, and recidivism. The annual budget is being worked on and is stronger than the last few years. The county is working on restoring public safety. Sixteen cadets are graduating the sheriff's academy and another sixteen should be going into the academy soon. A larger building for the county coroner is being rehabilitated and expanded.

Salida Civic Association needs volunteers to help with putting on this year's Town & Country Festival. Contact Kathy Paioni at (209) 545-0601 if you can help.

Neighborhood Watch contest is still going on through July 31, 2015. Contact Deputy Vern Blagg to establish a neighborhood watch group: (209) 652-0356 and to be entered in the contest, send an e-mail with the date of your neighborhood watch meeting to 

Salida MAC's website - visit:

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Presentation:"Focus on Prevention - Quality of Life Initiative" Program
presented by Aaron Farnon

 An effort that is coming alongside local initiatives focused on a number of Quality of Life areas, in partnership with cross-sector leaders (Education, Non-Profits, Faith, Business, Arts, Entertainment & Sports, Media, Neighborhoods, Philanthropy, and Government). 
The effort begins with a Focus on Prevention in the following Quality of Life areas:
Homelessness (October 1st, 2015 Convening);
Strengthening Families;
Investment in Young Children; and
Reducing Recidivism.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Salida MAC Newsletter - August 2014

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Public Comments - Wood Colony resident, Lina Alldredge shared an invitation to attend the first annual Wood Colony Faire which will be held at Hart-Ransom School 3930 Shoemake on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 10 am to 6 pm. The Faire will have a marketplace, crafts, live music, a petting zoo, covered wagon rides, dairy tours, 1903 milkhouse tour, heirloom tomato tasting and much more! See Wood Colony Faire flyer for more details. 

County resident, Terry Withrow invited anyone who would like to support the "Stamp Out Sprawl - Modesto" ballot initiative to a fundraiser dinner to be held at his home on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 6 pm. Please call him (209) 525-8050 for more info.

Stanislaus County Supervisor District 3 Report - Supervisor Terry Withrow reported that the county is in negotiations with labor unions for pay raises for county workers. He also shared about the work and progress of the water committee and invited residents to attend the meetings.
Deputy Braley presented John Martin
 with his "Take Back Salida" plaque for
graffiti removal.
(Photo courtesy of Salida Ca News)

Sheriff Department 
- Deputy Jason Braley shared that three people were arrested in Salida for tagging and vandalism. Salida has experienced no homicides, one rape, and three robberies in the past six months. Property crimes has decreased by 7.5% but burglary is up 13%. Petty theft/larcenies are down 11%. An attendee asked what is being done about the drag racers and Deputy Braley responded that some extra patrol requests (between calls) have been put out to the graveyard shifts. If you witness a crime in progress, call 911. Please report any thefts and suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Non-emergency number at (209) 552-2468. 

Stanislaus County Department of Public Works - Andrew Malizia provided the following Public Works updates for projects in and around Salida: 

A traffic analysis at Ladd and Tully Roads did not warrant an all way stop but did warrant a traffic signal. While the county applies for funding to install the traffic signal, an all-way stop will be installed.
A request was received for widening Broadway Ave near the tracks where the traffic merges. They are looking into it and are working on a sidewalk project with the railroad. Even though its been slow moving the project through, there are plans to widen it there. Some possible solutions are removing the vertical parking lanes and/or making it a right turn only onto Elm.

Received some complaints about truck parking on Elm and public works is working on getting some new signs up along Elm and Broadway. 

Request to install a double no-passing striping on Tully Road near the canal bridge from St. Francis to Ladd Road. The new striping was completed last week. Another request received via a Salida MAC meeting was the amount of traffic from the school farm on Ladd Road. Public Works will work with the school to insure that the students are safe.

Working on request to install "No trespassing - county ordinance" signs on Salida's ponding basins.

Update on the Kiernan and Pelandale interchange construction - the Pelandale northbound on and off ramps are going to be closed for three weeks, starting in the beginning of August, either August 4 or August 11. The detour will be down to Kiernan and Sisk. The first stage of bridge work on Kiernan should be completed by the end of September.

Public Works is working on a speed bumps/humps ordinance to be adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Some key elements of the new policy is that the county will have to approve which roads they go on, there needs to be a minimum number to be effective (i.e.: a grouping of three spaced out 300-400 feet apart and the road needs to be able to accomodate that. The community would need to pay for the installation and the removal if they want them removed afterwards. Emergency vehicles would also have a say in locations that they could be approved in.

Salida Fire Department - Board member Jerry DeBoer announced that a workshop will be held in August (date TBA) regarding Salida getting its fire department back. He also asked for volunteers to help with their annual chicken BBQ which will be held on August 23. Please contact Dale Skiles if you can help.

Salida Postmaster - Starting in August, Postmaster John Cabral announced that recycling bins will be placed in the lobby of the post office to recycle the newspaper and AdVos mailers. Two new mail carriers have been hired, Ben and Debbie, so please have patience if your mail is misdelivered and report any misdeliveries to (209) 545-0620. Postmaster Cabral, who is the webmaster for Salida Civic's website received notice this week that the Salida Town & Country Festival has been cancelled. They plan to be back in 2015 & need volunteers to help. To volunteer, please contact:

California Highway Patrol - Officer A.J. Palazuelos reported that there were only four traffic collisions during the prior month, two were property damage collisions, one was injury and one was a DUI collision. The DUI collision occurred at Kiernan and Neva. The CHP is planning to target the street racing problem in various communities and will start in Salida first.

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Salida Library - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared that while the summer reading program is winding down, there are still many other fun activities at the Salida Library: For children: July 29 - Legos, August 5 - Shark Week (shark/sea life stories and crafts), August 12 - Back to School with Pete the Cat (make pencil cases), August 19 - Dinner and a Movie - "Finding Nemo" and August 26 - Grossology - disgusting books and crafts. Wiggle Worms & Pre-School StoryTime begin again August 6/7.

Teen Anime Day - August 16 from 12 - 4 pm which includes costumes, movie, crafts, etc.

Adult Programs - Zumba on Mondays at 6 pm, August 9 - couponing at 4 pm, August 12 - Book Club at 10 am, and t
he library has basic computer classes on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 10:30 am. Registration required. 

The Friends of the Salida Library needs helpers to set up for their booksale on October 23 and during their Halloween Book sale on October 25. For more information, call (209) 543-7353

Water Conservationist
Juan Teneya
Special Presentation - Water Conservationist Juan Teneya opened with some drought related events that occurred in 2014. On January 17, 2014, Governor Brown requested all Californias to voluntarily reduce water use by an average of 20%. May 1, 2014 saw a decreased allocation of MID deliveries to the City of Modesto from an average of 30 MGD to 17 MGD due to lower than average rainfall and snowpack during the last two hydrological cycles. The reduction will continue until April 30, 2015. The State Water Resource Control Board approved an emergency regulation on July 15, 2014 to ensure water agencies, their customers, and state residents increase water conservation in urban settings or face fines or other enforcements.

 Mr. Teneya shared that the City of Modesto (which owns Salida's water system) is under Stage 1 water (drought) restrictions. All residents using outdoor water will follow the year round watering schedule:

 - Outdoor watering must be kept on your property – AVOID WATER RUNOFF
 - Outdoor water use is prohibited between noon and 7 pm daily
 - Odd-numbered addresses ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9 water on Wed, Fri, & Sun
 - Even numbered addresses ending in 2,4,6,8,or 0 water on Tues, Thurs, & Sat
 - Car washing is subject to above with use of positive shut-off nozzle
 - Hosing concrete areas, building exteriors, etc. may be done with city permit
 - Water leaks, once identified, must be repaired within 24 hours
 - Restaurants are encouraged to serve water only upon request

Additionally, the City of Modesto is collaborating with Stanislaus County Parks Department in adjusting their sprinkler systems to minimize run-off, to comply with "no watering on Mondays" and making repairs as needed. No water permits will be issued effective August 1, 2014. The City of Modesto has one full-time service person helping by educating and enforcing water regulations in Salida. Since June, they have made 257 direct contacts in Salida. Positive nozzles and rain gauges are available for FREE from the City of Modesto's Water Department. For more tips and rebates, and to report water waste, call (209) 342-2246

Announcements - Residents are invited to a National Night Out Potluck & Bar-b-que at Segesta Park off of Finney & Pirrone on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 from 6 to 9 pm. Bring your favorite potluck dish and chairs.

Update on the installation of Cold Plasma units at Diamond Pet Foods in Ripon: the units are in service but they are still waiting on approval from the Air Pollution District. 

Salida MAC has its own website! Visit:

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Presentation: Stanislaus County Community Development Block Grants - Fiscal Year 
           13/14 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)
by Kristin Doud

Monday, July 21, 2014

Salida MAC Newsletter - July 2014

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Sheriff Department - Deputy Vince Hooper took notes regarding residents' concerns and will try to get the issues resolved. He talked to residents on Trailwood regarding crime in the area and shared that there has been an increase of copper wire thefts. If anything looks suspicious report it to the sheriff department immediately, call the Sheriff's Non-emergency number at (209) 552-2468. Deputy Hooper said to call 911 if we see tagging in progress.

Salida Fire Department - Board member Mark Brubaker stated Modesto Regional Fire Authority (MRFA) will dissolve July 1st and Salida will be getting their fire department back. They entered into a six month service agreement with Modesto Regional Fire Authority for service. He asked residents to get dry grass and weeds cleared to reduce fire hazards.

California Highway Patrol - Officer Chuck Leon reported a drop in activity from the previous month. 7 vehicle accidents and 2 DUI accidents. He has been writing a lot of tickets lately for expired registration. He addressed residents' concerns regarding street racing and will try to work that area more. He is still working on the bike helmet letter to give to kids who aren't wearing helmets. Salida Union School District has the bike helmets. 

Salida PostmasterPostmaster John Paul Cabral stated first class mail revenue has dropped 8% but package revenue has increased. During the food drive, the USPS collected 72.5 million pounds of food that was distributed to local food banks and shelters. The Salida post office collected over 500 pounds of food. There are open employment jobs available at the post office and he hopes to have the jobs filled soon. Postmaster Cabral reminded residents of the new hours of the Salida Post Office: Monday - Friday 10am - 4:30pm, closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Salida Chamber of CommerceThe Salida Chamber of Commerce will be having a one year anniversary mixer at Solid Networks on July 11th at 6:30pm. 

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Salida LibraryLibrary Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared that there is an all ages reading group this summer with chances to win prizes. They also have audio podcasts narrated by Emerson Drake available. There are many activities available including: Zumba, couponing, movie nights, etc. Python Ron will be at the library July 5th at 4pm and there will be an adult craft on July 19th.

STARS Volunteer Rodney Caetano presenting on starting a
Neighborhood Watch.
Special PresentationSTARS volunteer Rodney Caetano spoke about forming a Neighborhood Watch group. First step is to talk to neighbors and set up a time and date for everyone to meet. Then, call STARS at (209) 652-0356 with the information and they will come to the meeting and discuss how to set up neighborhood watch. National Night Out is August 6th. If we see crimes in progress, get as much information as possible (vehicle make, model, license plate, description of suspects, height, race, weight, clothing) and call 911 but do not confront the suspects. 

WIN A TRIP! - Enter our Neighborhood Watch Contest!
Set up a new neighborhood watch group or hold a meeting for your current group between January 1, 2014 and July 31, 2014, you'll be entered to win a 3 days and 2 nights trip to your choice of one of 20 locations which include Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, etc. courtesy of MainStreetChamber. (Airfare and travel expense to and from is not included. Room tax fees apply, see certificate for additional requirements.) Contest open to Salida residents establishing Salida neighborhood watch groups only. One person entry per group. Salida MAC council members not eligible to win. Contact Deputy Vern Blagg to establish a neighborhood watch group: (209) 652-0356 and to be entered in the contest, send an e-mail with the date of your neighborhood watch meeting to 

Salida Annexation UpdateLAFCO submitted comments to Modesto regarding their environmental impact report. The comments are good for Salida and Wood Colony. LAFCO wants to have a boundary between Modesto and Salida. If anyone is interested in reading LAFCO's comments go to:

Announcements - A new Salida MAC sign was installed on the exterior of the library.

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida
Presentation: Water Conservation
by Juan Tejeda
City of Modesto Water Conservationist