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Salida MAC Newsletter - August 2013

The July Salida MAC meeting video is viewable online by clicking this link thanks to Salida MAC Councilmember, Brad Johnson and local Salida Public Radio Station 104.9 FM. LIKE “Salida MAC” on Facebook and follow on Twitter
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Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared that the library has a new "Reader's Theater" which has met the last few Mondays and performs their favorite stories. 

Salida Fire District Report - Salida Fire Protection District Fire Chief, Dale Skiles, reminded everyone that National Night Out is coming up on Tuesday, August 6 and asked residents to call the fire
Jaden Wenger waves to his dad, Jake, from
a fire truck on National Night Out
department and/or sheriff dept if they are having a block party and would like either department to attend.  

Chief Skiles announced that Salida Kountry Kitchen will be hosting a National Night Out block party in conjunction with the Salida Chamber of Commerce between 6-8 pm. 

Salida Fire Fighters Association will be hosting their annual chicken bar-b-que on August 24th. Tickets on sale at the fire department.

Renovations will continue for some time in and around the fire station and the contractors have been phenomenal to work with.

Salida Sanitary Report - Salida Sanitary Board member Brad Johnson shared that the Sanitary District has received a proposal for a solar array to be placed on the property.

Salida Chamber of Commerce Report - Amanda Sorensen, Secretary of the Salida Chamber of Commerce shared that there existed a previous Salida Chamber of Commerce, which brought such improvements as the Salida Lighting District and Salida Park to the community of Salida. The new Salida chamber has plans to improve the quality of life for Salida's residents in addition to supporting and promoting business and commerce in Salida. The Salida Chamber of Commerce will have a booth at the Salida Town and Country Festival on August 24 so stop by and see us. We will also be participating in National Night Out at Salida Kountry Kitchen on August 6. Applications to join the chamber are on the back table and if you have questions, see Amanda after the meeting. 

Stanislaus County Planning Department Report - Javier Camarena gave a brief overview of the Community Block Grant funds and Emergency Solutions grant funds. CBG funds are to benefit low to moderate income people to prevent and minimize blight and urgent community needs. He shared some highlights of the programs over the past year like the allocation of approximately $2.1 million. Some of the funds were allocated to Parklawn and Airport sewer infrastructure projects. Funding was also provided to fifteen non-profit programs which provided services to low and very low-income families. Over the last year, about 1,300 individuals were assisted in the county with emergency shelter grants. 

CHP Report - CHP Officer Chuck DeLeon researched that as far as the trucks parking on Elm, he issued warnings and next time, he will issue tickets. As for the trucks parked on Gateway, they are parked legally. 

Special Presentation - The Modesto Chamber of Commerce's "Pathways to Jobs and Prosperity" - Modesto Chamber CEO, Cecil Russell introduced fellow presenters, Brad Hawn, Craig Lewis and George
George Petrulakis and Craig Lewis
present Modesto Chamber of
Commerce growth plan.
Petrulakis.  Craig Lewis noted that there were more attendees for this meeting than at the Planning Commission meeting. He went on to say that there's a lack of shovel-ready land in Modesto for jobs.

George Petrulakis stated that the plan is in draft form and they visit groups like Salida MAC looking for input and ideas. Most groups presented to so far have been in Modesto and are co-sponsoring the plan. Mr. Petrulakis mentioned the book, "The Coming Jobs War" by Jim Clifton and cited several of the key factors for job creation, and it needs to occur at the city level. The Modesto Chamber's presentation only deals with two of the key factors: a modern freeway transportation network and shovel ready land. They looked at the Modesto area-proper to the city limits and what the current condition is. The shaded blue areas are in the Modesto City limits and the Beard Industrial tract is outside the city limits. The conclusion they drew is that Modesto does not have a lot of large sites for job creators, and no sites along Freeway 99, and without Beard, they would be in real trouble. 

Modesto's job centers are in three areas: the Beard tract, downtown, the area straddling 99 north of downtown. He reviewed the various freeway transportation routes that lead into Modesto. Highway 132 does help the Modesto route as well as go into other communities. Mr. Petrulakis then reviewed the other local cities and their available land that bordered freeways. One of the problems that Modesto has is a lot of land for business parks but almost none of it is shovel-ready. 

Since Salida is not a city, the Modesto Chamber used light grey to show the current boundaries based on the Salida Sanitary map and the dark grey distinguishes the Salida Community Plan boundaries.
Mr. Petrulakis noted that Salida was the first outside (of Modesto) group they had visited so requested that attendees share any transportation priorities they might have. 

Craig Lewis gave an overview of the taxes that fund transportation projects. About eight-five cents of the price we pay at the gas pump goes to a transportation tax. However, Stanislaus County is not a "self-help county" which means that only 20-25% of the eight-five cents comes back to our county for improvements. The rest goes to other counties in the state. Eighty percent of the population in California have a 1/2 percent self-help tax. For every penny that is put into the tax, two pennies come back to the county in self-help counties. We are helping to fund those improvements in other counties like the Arch Road improvements in San Joaquin County. Part of the Modesto Chamber's plan is for Stanislaus County to become a self-help county. 

George Petrulakis then resumed the presentation and provided descriptions for the color-coded areas on the map. Three broad areas have been defined as "study areas" as the best land for job creation: one to the west (Beckwith Triangle/Wood Colony), one north of Kiernan, and one east of Modesto for housing. Modesto already has a lot of land within its sphere of influence for housing in the east so it may never need the land that's within the study area.  Mr. Petrulakis then explained that the words "Salida Self-Determination" is the Salida Community Plan area and Salida is in charge of that.  

The west (Beckwith Triangle/Wood Colony) area was compared to business parks in other cities with an overlay adjusted for population. Mr. Petrulakis then addressed the adoption of 'Ag Investment Zones' that will not be converted to urban uses. Some of these areas include land between Waterford and Modesto and Dry Creek and the river. He also mentioned that Salida residents have attended Modesto General Plan update meetings and requested Salida to be removed from the General Plan. Another concern regarding the Modesto Chamber's plan is that it "boxes Salida in" or "landlocks" Salida which the Modesto Chamber will take back to their commission and address. 

Watch the Q&A portion of the presentation online.

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room

4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida

Presentation: The Salida Town & Country Festival
and Salida Civic by Salida Civic President,
Debra Allen

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Salida MAC Newsletter - July 2013

The June Salida MAC meeting video is viewable online by clicking these links:
Part 1 and Part 2. – thanks to Salida MAC Councilmember, Brad Johnson and local Salida Public Radio Station 104.9 FM. LIKE “Salida MAC” on Facebook and follow on Twitter
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Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett thanked everyone for participating in the "Day of Play". She also reminded everyone that there are reading programs going on all summer, along with movie nights, book clubs, and a magician is coming. 

Salida Fire District Report - Capt. Gregg Bragg from "C" shift at Salida's Station 12 reported there were 137 calls for service in the month of April. The reports are always a month behind because they are compiled statistically for the whole month. Station 12 ran 93 calls, 14 of those were fires; 57 calls were EMS. There was a vegetation fire near the river which Salida aided the Woodland station in combating the fire. Ripon also had a fire on their oleanders at the Main Street 99 exit in which Station 12 aided in extinguishing the fire. Capt. Bragg reiterated that with the 4th of July coming up that a lot of illegal fireworks are brought in. Additional crews will be on hand on July 4th.  A resident asked Capt. Bragg about the Modesto Regional Fire Authority's budget issues in the newspaper and he was happy to report that they have a balanced budget without any staffing reductions in Salida. 

CHP Report - CHP Officer Chuck DeLeon gave an update on last month's home burglary and subsequent chase. The driver of the car crashed at Kiernan and Sisk and fled on foot. The driver, David Escamilla, was captured a few days ago after another chase in a stolen car in a two vehicle head on collision at Ciccarelli and Toomes.  Other CHP stats for the month of June were 4 non-injury collisions, 3 injury, 3 hit and run, 1 DUI arrest, 1 warrant, 2 fleeing from police, and 2 hit and run.

Katherine Borges' Salida Incorporation Presentation
Special Presentation - Salida Incorporation - Katherine Borges, compiled a Salida Incorporation presentation as a member of the Salida Annexation Ad Hoc Committee. She opened with some stats about Salida - when the area was first permanently settled, John Murphy's ferry in the 1860's, the railroad depot established in 1870 which it was the railroad that gave the community the name "Salida". She continued with the history of past incorporation attempts in Salida as well as a past annexation attempt by Modesto in 1996.
Ms. Borges outlined reasons why Salida should incorporate and gave an overview of funding sources. You can watch her presentation HERE

Next Salida MAC Meeting:
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 7 pm @ Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. - Salida

“Pathways to 
Jobs and Prosperity” presented by 
the Modesto Chamber of Commerce which includes their development plans for Salida & Wood Colony

Modesto Chamber of Commerce's "Pathways to Jobs" plan map (Image provided by John Gunderson via Facebook)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Salida MAC Newsletter - June 2013

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Public Comment Period - Jim Bonetti reported that he has turned in reports of several potholes and broken sidewalks around Salida which are scheduled to be repaired as per Gary Heyward at Stanislaus County Public Works. Mr. Bonetti also shared an update from Dennis Turner on two of Salida's wells that are high in nitrates. Well #281 is still shut down and well #299 (near the Vizacaya neighborhood) is near the limit for nitrates so is being monitored.

Participants learn compression-only CPR
at Salida's Station 12.
Salida Fire District Report - Vince Bowman, 'A' Shift Captain at Station 12 reported that there were 137 responses, of those, 10 were fire calls. 67% of the calls were for EMS, and the rest were for car accidents, alarms, etc. There's been a small increase in calls about grass fires. Captain Bowman also reported on the Compression-only CPR training that took place last Wednesday at Station 12. There were a total of 3 fire stations in the Modesto Regional Fire Authority that were participating and trained 148 citizens and of those, 65 were trained at Station 12 in Salida. Captain Bowman was very happy about the good turnout for the event which was sponsored by AMR.
     Capt. Bowman and Capt. Bragg will be out servicing fire hydrants around Salida, testing pressure and flow. He asked that we wave or stop by and say "Hi! to them.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Report - Salida Community Deputy Lloyd MacKinnon shared some details about the recent burglary chase and apprehension. Deputy MacKinnon and a 911 dispatcher presented a program on how 911 calls are processed. Wallet cards were distributed to attendees with the following
contact phone numbers: Non-Emergency Dispatch (209) 552-2468, Sheriff's Department (209) 525-7114, County Animal Control (209) 558-7387 (Note: Listen to recording and select choice for "Unincorporated Area") California Highway Patrol (209) 356-2900, Cellular Phone Emergency (209) 558-HELP

Salida Sanitary Report - Salida Sanitary Board member Brad Johnson reported that the Sanitary district is still discussing solar options and had to replace some pump motors that went out. He also mentioned that no residents attended last month's Salida Sanitary Board Meeting and said it would be nice to have some attend. Mr. Johnson additionally mentioned that there is one more rate increase coming from the three that were originally passed. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

Salida Postmaster Report - Salida Postmaster John Cabral reported that the Stockton plant has been shut down and the 60 clerks from that plant will be rotated to work at local post offices throughout the region.  Mr. Cabral also shared that the bolted down mailboxes at the Kearney Post Office in Modesto were stolen.  Eight more community mailboxes in Salida have been broken into: Solero, Beard Point, Trailwood, Cypress Creek Way, Edgefield, Gardenview, and Sun Glen. Postmaster Cabral asked that residents never leave mail in their mailboxes over night and if you have a security camera on your house to please point it at the mailbox. That is how the last mailbox thieves were caught.

Salida Union School District Report - Salida Union Schools Superintendent, Twila Tosh, shared that Sisk and Salida Elementaries are getting new HVAC and solar panels. She also reported that land that is owned by the school district on Pirrone will be planted with 40 acres of almond trees donated to the school district and the sale of the almonds will be go to Salida Union School District. August 7 is the first day of school for Salida Union School District.

Male Chinese Pistache
Stanislaus County Parks and Recreation Department - Jami Aggers, Director of Stanislaus County
October Glory Red Maple
Parks and Recreation brought
 a handout listing the three types of trees which they intend to replace the 98 trees with to be removed on Pirrone, Finney and Sisk roads. The Parks Dept plans to send the project out to bid this summer and begin work in September.
Hybrid Pinkish-Red Crape Myrtle

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared upcoming events at the library and the "Stanislaus Reads" program. Free signs for "Stanislaus Reads" may be picked up at the library and forms for the adult reading program can be downloaded here

Supervisor District 3 Report - Supervisor Terry Withrow addressed questions regarding whether the City of Modesto still plans to annex Salida and said that Katherine Borges is working on an incorporation report.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 7 pm at the Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Community Room, 4835 Sisk Road, Salida. Featured topic is a preliminary incorporation report for Salida presented by Salida MAC boardmember, Katherine Borges

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Salida MAC Newsletter - May 2013

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Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared that April 24 is the last day of "Read to a Dog" for "...children to read to dogs who are good listeners." Saturday, April 27 is "Love Salida" day and there will be opportunities to volunteer and help out at the library. Storytime for pre-schoolers starts again on Thursday, May 2nd for ages 3-5. "Wiggle-worms" reading time up to age 3 begins on Wednesday, May 1 with two sessions, one at 10 am and then repeated at 11 am. More theater is coming, SF Shakes will present "Julius Caesar" later in the year and our local community is starting a "Reader's Theater" - no acting experience is required. Call 543-7353 for more info.

Salida Fire (Station 12) Admin bldg demolition
Salida Fire District Report - Vince Bowman, 'A' Shift Captain at Station 12 reported that fire calls have stayed about the same as the previous month. As the weather warms up, there will be more grassland and wildland fires. Water rescue training will begin very soon. A new group of recruit firefighters will be starting in the first few weeks of May. Training will be held at Station 14 on Ciccarelli Road. Also, the administration building at Station 12 will be demolished. On Wednesday, May 22, Modesto Regional Fire Authority is holding a FREE "Compression-only" CPR training. One of the locations where the training will be held is at Salida's Station 12. Call 552-3600 to sign up or for more info.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Report - Salida Community Deputy Lloyd MacKinnon shared some burglary stats - two days that are the most prevalent for burglaries in Salida are Sundays and Tuesdays. Since December 12, there have been 33 reported residential burglaries in Salida. Time frame is 8 am - noon. Door kicks and window smashes are the most common forms of entry. Deputy MacKinnon is still out patrolling and there are two sheriff cars in the area. He started a "Block-watch" program on Oxbow Ct. and about 20 people showed up. Deputy MacKinnon introduced the "Next Door" website and explained how it works as a form of communication. He asked that residents not set up separate ones until he knows more about it. By the next Salida MAC meeting, he can share more about it and additionally, a new program with an emergency text message system.

CHP Report - CHP Officer Chuck DeLeon reported that Salida had 8 traffic collisions (3 of which were on Freeway 99) and 3 were DUI related and 2 were hit and run. One of the hit and run suspects was caught. 6 DUI arrests last month, 3 different drug arrests, 8 stolen vehicles, 1 toy-hauler and 1 license plate theft. One of those vehicle thefts was from someone who started their car, went back inside their house, and came out to their car being gone. Officer DeLeon recommended that residents do not do that. He also recommended not to leave anything inside the cars to prevent smash and grabs. 

Salida Sanitary Report - Salida Sanitary Board member Brad Johnson asked that residents attend the meetings. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Mr. Johnson is encouraging solar requirements for new development. There's a photo of the Sanitary District's robot on the back table.

Stanislaus County Parks and Recreation Department - Jami Aggers, Director of Stanislaus County Parks and Recreation brought handouts and stated that they wish to move forward with the Pirrone & Finney Sidewalks and Trees replacement project. Because CSA 10 is a fixed assessment and cannot be increased without a vote approving it, the county has found different ways like not outsourcing the landscape maintenance and installing no-potable irrigation wells in parks to keep costs down. 

Ms. Aggers stated that they have revised their proposal because Salida residents want to keep the trees. There's an update in the proposal regarding a root control system, to not remove trees that are not causing a problem at the moment and could perhaps be spared.  When they sent out the initial notices, they only sent out 475 to the property owners in the immediate vicinity and based on feedback from last month's Salida MAC meeting, they sent out notices to all 2,700 residents in the CSA 10 district. 

Stanislaus County Parks & Recreation Director Jami Aggers
addresses Salida residents about the sidewalks & trees issue.
Stanislaus County of Public Works - PowerPoint handouts from the last meeting are on the back table.  There are 139 trees in the project areas proposed to be organized into two phases. They are grouped in the two phases based on practicality and cost reasons. 97 trees are proposed to be removed as ones that are already causing damage to the sidewalk or ones that will cause damage in the near future. 47 trees are in phase 1 and 50 trees are in phase 2. Public works would like to begin phase 1 this summer and phase 2 will be in 5 years because they need to build funds. Only 9 of the 47 trees could be spared in phase 1. From an engineer's perspective, they feel it would be more cost-effective to remove all of the trees now. The two pictures in the handout do not represent the trees they wish to put in but they do represent the size. They feel the best option is to go with 15 gal trees which cost $475 per tree (estimates are from Grover Nursery but will go out to competitive bid). The cost breakdown is $165 per tree and additional expenses go to root barriers and deep-well watering systems. An additional $102 goes to contingencies and inspections. 

Vice-Chairman Johnson requested that the County bring a list of acceptable trees and a list of banned
Bacon & Royal Windsor
lifted sidewalk - before picture
trees. During the Q&A, a resident complained that there was a big drop in the sidewalk at Royal Windsor and Bacon and asked for it to be repaired. (Salida MAC councilmember Katherine Borges took the photos and Salida Chamber of Commerce Vice-President Jim Bonetti submitted them to Stanislaus County Public Works which grounded down, patched the sidewalk, and removed the tree.)

Bacon & Royal Windsor
sidewalk repaired - after pic

Jami Aggers clarified that the costs presented are just ballpark estimates and they needed to evaluate how much of the project can be done at a time.

Love Salida Report - Councilmember Katherine Borges had this item added to the agenda per the recommendation of Stanislaus County Public Works Director Matt Machado for a proposal to paint murals on the canal walls along Finney Road. Lorenzo Oreglia is heading up the organization of artwork and he commented on it along with plans for teens to help paint the murals. Councilmember Borges also mentioned that Salida Rotary would begin work on the center landscaping strip along Broadway at 8 am and would be accepting donations of mobility equipment. And the new Salida Chamber of Commerce will have a booth at Salida Park and will be accepting new membership sign-ups that day. 

Supervisor District 3 Report - Supervisor Terry Withrow reported that the probation DRC (Day Reporting Center) on Salida Blvd is now closed and has been moved downtown.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 7 pm at the Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Community Room, 4835 Sisk Road, Salida. Featured topic is the Pirrone & Finney sidewalks and trees issue. (For more info, read Ken Carlson's Modesto Bee article, "Salida trees are awaiting the ax")

Salida MAC meetings are broadcast on government cable channel 19 in Salida.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Salida MAC Newsletter - April 2013

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Community Announcements - Paul Sessa made an announcement that as part of "Love Salida" on April 27, Salida Rotary will be collecting used wheelchairs and other mobility enhancing equipment (i.e. crutches, walkers, canes, toilet inserts, etc.)  Collection dates; April 22-27 from 8 am - 5 pm at the following collection sites: Salida's Kountry Kitchen, Salida Veterinary, Mildred Perkins School Room 29 or drop off at 9 am at Salida Park on "LoveSalida" day.

Lana Moore announced that Salida Civic will be a part of "Salida Days" at the Modesto Nuts on Friday, April 12 at 7 pm. Tickets are $7 each and can be purchased from Salida Civic members.

Vicky McAteer shared that the Salida Chamber of Commerce will have a sign-up table at the "LoveSalida" event at Salida Park on Saturday, April 27 and everyone is welcome to sign up and join the Chamber.

Salida Fire District Report - James Gunn, Operations Chief from Modesto Regional Fire gave an update that in the month of March, there had been 71 calls and 56 of those calls were in Salida and the area around Salida. There was a large house fire on Ladd Rd. & American Ave. area and another large fire at an abandoned ag building just north of Kiernan. It was also shared that Station 12 (Broadway & Salida Blvd) will stay open during construction on the Kiernan Freeway 99 interchange.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Report - Salida Community Deputy Lloyd McKinnon shared that he has been patrolling Salida in an unmarked car as part of the Crime Reduction Team.

The probation DRC (Day Reporting Center) on Broadway is still there but should be moving to downtown Modesto by the end of the month.

Salida Postmaster Report - Salida Postmaster, John Paul Cabral reported that over 90 mailboxes had been broken into and 14 of those were in Salida and have been replaced. Postmaster Cabral just hired two new carriers and will be hiring a postal clerk.

CHP Report - CHP Officer Chuck DeLeon reported that Salida had 4 injury collisions and 1 non-injury collision. No arrests in the area. A few traffic complaints around the school, especially with teen drivers around the high school. A resident reported that people were riding motorcycles on the railroad tracks so Chairman Reeves suggested calling the Union Pacific Police at 1-888-877-7267.
Officer DeLeon also shared that April is "Distracted Driving Month" so there will be extra patrols on the streets looking for people on their cell phones or texting.

Salida Sanitary Report - Salida Sanitary Board member Brad Johnson asked that more residents attend the meetings. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Boardmember Johnson is encouraging solar requirements for new development.

Special Presentations

StanCOG (Stanislaus Council of Governments) - Carlos Yamzon gave a brief overview that StanCOG administers funds for regional and federal transportation projects. StanCOG is updating its Transportation Plan so is asking for community feedback via surveys. StanCOG plans to return to administer the survey at the Salida MAC meeting. In October or November, StanCOG will ask its policy board to adopt the Regional Transportation Plan to establish transportation priorities for Stanislaus County. Mr. Yamzon left handouts about StanCOG and StanCOG's Regional Transportation Plan.
Valley Vision Stanislaus is where StanCOG is combining land use planning with transportation planning to address the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Salida residents can take the Valley Vision Stanislaus survey online as well.

Stanislaus County Department of Public Works - Public Works Director Matt Machado and Gary Heyward addressed the sidewalk issues on Pirrone, Finney, and Sisk Roads which are a joint effort between the County's Public Works Department and the County Parks Department. Mr. Machado introduced the Director of Parks, Jami Aggers with staff members, Russ West and Amanda Fife. 

Mr. Machado then presented a Powerpoint on the sidewalk issue. The sidewalk issue affects County Service Area 10 (CSA 10) which CSA 10 was established in October 1990 and consists of 2,800 parcels, most of which are residential parcels and the remainder are commercial and industrial parcels. CSA 10 is managed by the Public Works Department. The infrastructure of CSA 10 is comprised of parkscape maintenance, streetscape maintenance and storm drain maintenance which include four parks (Segesta, Murphy, Wincanton and Countrystone), a number of landscaped streetscapes (Bacon Rd, Covert Rd, Finney Rd, Kiernan Ave, Murphy Rd, Overland Pl, Pirrone Rd, Sisk Rd, Toomes Rd, Whitestone Wy, and Wincanton Wy) that include sidewalks and the storm drain system that serves the area. 

CSA 10's annual assessment is $417,875 and there are two primary assessments: the Parks Annual Budget os approx. $250,000 and the Public Works Budget of approx. $150,000. The reserves accrual of $20,000 is used for capital improvements, capital maintenance and capital pumps. Total current reserves is $300,000. 

Sidewalk tagged to be removed along Pirrone Rd.
Mr. Machado then presented photos of where the sidewalks have been lifted by tree roots along Pirrone, Finney and Sisk Roads. The proposal is to remove the trees, grind out the stumps, grind out the roots under the sidewalk, remove the sidewalk and replace the sidewalk. There are 96 trees that need to be removed just to make repairs to the sidewalk. The scope of the project only includes removing the trees to make repairs to the sidewalk; it does not include replacing the trees. 

The proposal is to do the project in phases. Phase 1 (Areas 2,3,4,5) $165, using 55% of total reserves. Construction to be completed Summer of 2013.  Phase 2 (Area 1,6) - $135,000. Construction would begin in ~5 years. Total project cost: $300,000 with reserves at the end of construction: ~$100,000. Under "Additional Consideration", Mr. Machado mentioned that an unanticipated capital or other major maintenance need like a pump failure may force a ballot procedure to increase the CSA 10 assessment. Mr. Machado mentioned that CSA 10 is unique because its a set amount. Most of the CSAs in the County (about 30) are based upon a formula that fluctuates based on the cost of power, cost of maintenance, and the cost of capital needs. 

"Soft closure" on Pirrone Rd sidewalk.
Mr. Machado proposed a "soft closure" of the sidewalks, almost immediately, which means that there's a sign on the barricade. People can still walk on the sidewalks but the signs mean "walker beware". 

During the Q&A, Salida residents requested that the trees be replaced. A resident asked how many trees will remain and the answer was 70 - from Modesto Christian School to Pirrone, some on Pirrone and Finney Rd. Another resident proposed adjusting the phases to wait to remove the trees that were not yet a problem to which Mr. Machado was very receptive to this suggestion. Councilman Johnson suggested sidewalk shaving and Mr. Machado responded that the sidewalks have already been shaved and ground down as far as possible.

Stanislaus County Planning and Community Development - Miguel Diaz, Planner for Stanislaus County Planning and Community Development stated that his department is developing their annual action plan for community development grant and emergency solutions grant. These are two HUD funded grants that the County partners with six cities: Patterson, Oakdale, Waterford, Hughson, Newman, and Ceres. None of this year's infrastructure projects are in Salida. 10% of grants are used for public services and those services are available to Salida residents. The Fair Housing Program is an advocate program for tenants and other types of housing issues. The Neighborhood Stabilization Program has purchased 27 homes and 24 have been rehabilitated and sold to first time home buyers.

Councilmember San Nicholas asked how much money was available for down payment assistance for next year? Mr. Diaz replied that the program was funded by Cal Home and there's about $700,000 available. Councilmember Borges asked if the solar program was still available and Mr. Diaz replied that it had been suspended and they were waiting for some rebates. The original grant has been fully expended. 

Mr. Diaz can be contacted at 525-6330.

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared that the library will be celebrating Día de los Niños/Día de los Libros, a nationwide celebration of children with bilingual storytelling, crafts, and other activities on April 13 at 1 pm. The library will again be participating in Love Salida with the organization of books at the libary.

Supervisor District 3 Report - Supervisor Withrow shared that there was a groundbreaking ceremony at Morrow Road and Kiernan for widening Kiernan to four lanes all the way to McHenry. 

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 7 pm at the Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Community Room, 4835 Sisk Road, Salida. Featured presenter is the Stanislaus County Parks Division.

Salida MAC meetings are broadcast on government cable channel 19 in Salida.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Salida MAC Newsletter - March 2013

The February Salida MAC meeting video is viewable online by clicking this
LINK – thanks to Salida MAC Councilmember, Brad Johnson and local Salida Public Radio Station 104.9 FM. LIKE “Salida MAC” on Facebook and follow on Twitter
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Salida Annexation Report - Salida Municipal Advisory Council Chairman, Thomas Reeves, moved the annexation agenda item up to be discussed and voted upon first. Chairman Reeves read a statement and then asked the other MAC council members for their comments. He then opened the topic for public comment and discussion. The MAC council voted 4-0 against annexation with the public's support. The Salida MAC council and members of the community requested that Stanislaus County District 3 Supervisor, Terry Withrow, support the position. Salida MAC's vote and Supervisor Withrow's decision to support the Salida MAC vote were covered by several local media outlets:
"Salida leaders vote against annexation plans" - KCRA 3 - Feb 27, 2013
"Salida advisory council rejects Modesto annexation plan" - The Modesto Bee - Feb 27, 2013
"Modesto's Salida annexation proposal gains a foe in Supervisor Withrow" - The Modesto Bee - Mar 1, 2013

Salida Postmaster Report - Salida Postmaster, John Paul Cabral, reported that there had been 90 mailboxes broken into in the area, 14 of which are in Salida. Postmaster Cabral asked that Salida residents please pull their mail from the mailboxes because there are gangs coming in from Modesto targeting Salida's mailboxes. The Stanislaus County Sheriff has made two arrests so far. Thanks to an alert postal clerk at the Salida Post Office, a man was arrested who had been robbing post offices.

Salida Fire Department Report - Capt. Greg Bragg reported January's numbers for Station 12 which ran 164 calls serving two fire management areas: from Dale Road to Ladd comes back in on Kiernan and down the Sisk Road corridor and then everything out to the river. 60% of the 164 calls were for EMS. They also provide services in other station areas.
Salida Fire Administration building used for training and
scheduled to be demolished. 

The old Salida Fire Administration building has been sold for demolition due to the widening of the Kiernan interchange and is being utilized for training. 

Stansilaus County Sheriff Report - Stansilaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson reported that the Sheriff's Department is not facing any more cuts and is hiring for the first time in more than three and a half years. There are sixteen recruits in the academy and the Sheriff is building jail bed infrastructure and a Coroner's facility. Sheriff Christianson introduced Deputy Lloyd McKinnon from the Crime Reduction Team who said, "The Team would be in Salida a lot this week, but you're not going to see us." Deputy McKinnon also reported that robberies are down 33%, aggravated assaults are up 67%, burgulary is up 8%, larceny is up 12%, auto theft is a big zero, homicide zero and rape is zero.

Salida Sanitary Report - Salida Sanitary Board member Brad Johnson shared a photo of one of the two robots at the Sanitary District.

City of Modesto Water Division Report - Dennis Turner, Director of Public Works for the City of Modesto stated that the water well that had been shut down for contamination was well #281 which is right across the street from the Salida Library. On December 5, 2012, a routine yearly sample was taken on well #281 and the sample showed higher than acceptable nitrate levels. The results were conveyed to city staff on December 6 and the procedure should have been to resample the well immediately, and that was not done. Staff discovered the error when they did a monthly report on January 8, 2013 and promptly shut the well down which is procedure. From December 5 to January 8th, well #281 ran for one hour a day contributing water into the Salida system. The department collects 585 samples in the Salida system every year. Well #281 contributed about 11% during that time period. Well #281 is the smallest well of the eight wells that serve the community of Salida and its water mixes with other sources to meet all of the demands for the Salida community. The City of Modesto is working with the State Department of Health to ensure this never happens again. New procedures have been put in place. Well #281 will remain offline until a treatment is decided upon to remove the nitrates. 

Following are answers to some of the questions asked during the Q&A. Answers were provided by Dennis Turner. 

The allowable limit for nitrates is 45 ppm (parts per million) and the well tested at 68 ppm.

Modesto plans to install water lines on the new Highway 99 overcrossings and large water storage tanks in North Modesto which will also serve Salida's water system. The water tanks will not be installed until hydraulic models demonstrate the need.

The City of Modesto is required at all times to maintain a certain water pressure to maintain fire services. The system that monitors the pressure is not manned 24 hours a day so residents should call the City of Modesto Water Department if they detect a dramatic drop in water pressure, or detect any odd colors or smell in the water.

Public Works Department Report - Gary Hayward submitted an announcement about the work on the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Broadway will be closed for this work on March 4. The Kiernan RR crossing is tentatively scheduled for closure Mar 18-21. 

The rough section of road on north Pirrone is scheduled for resurfacing and work should be completed in late April/early May.

Public Works is co-oping with the Parks Department on budgeting for a fix on the mile section of sidewalks on Pirrone west of Sisk. When the plan is determined, Salida MAC will view it.

The sound wall that was run into by a vehicle on Whitestone Way has been repaired.

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Branch Manager Diane Bartlett reported that on Saturday, March 1, 2013 there will be a celebration of Dr. Suess' birthday and "Read Across America" with story and craft in the Storytime Room.  On March 23, 'Paver Painting' will be at the Salida Library where you can paint stone paver ladybugs, turtles, and bunnies. This program will be held from 1-3 pm and is open to all ages. 

Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale held March 7 from 10 am - 5 pm and March 9 from 10 am - 3 pm.

March 22 & 23 - the Stanislaus County will hold a mobile hazardous waste collection in the library's parking lot from 9-1 pm.

"Love Salida"will be held April 27. Geary Oreglia at Salida's Kountry Kitchen is looking for opportunities within the community. One of the project's will be held at the library from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Supervisor District 3 Report - Supervisor Withrow shared that the 'DRC' (Day Reporting Center) for probationers located on Broadway will be out of Salida by the end of March. The DRC is moving to downtown Modesto. 

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 7 pm at the Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Community Room, 4835 Sisk Road, Salida. Featured presenters are Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) and Stanislaus County Parks Division.

Salida MAC meetings are broadcast on government cable channel 19 in Salida and channel 7 in Modesto on Saturdays at 11 am.

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