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Salida MAC Newsletter - June 2013

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Public Comment Period - Jim Bonetti reported that he has turned in reports of several potholes and broken sidewalks around Salida which are scheduled to be repaired as per Gary Heyward at Stanislaus County Public Works. Mr. Bonetti also shared an update from Dennis Turner on two of Salida's wells that are high in nitrates. Well #281 is still shut down and well #299 (near the Vizacaya neighborhood) is near the limit for nitrates so is being monitored.

Participants learn compression-only CPR
at Salida's Station 12.
Salida Fire District Report - Vince Bowman, 'A' Shift Captain at Station 12 reported that there were 137 responses, of those, 10 were fire calls. 67% of the calls were for EMS, and the rest were for car accidents, alarms, etc. There's been a small increase in calls about grass fires. Captain Bowman also reported on the Compression-only CPR training that took place last Wednesday at Station 12. There were a total of 3 fire stations in the Modesto Regional Fire Authority that were participating and trained 148 citizens and of those, 65 were trained at Station 12 in Salida. Captain Bowman was very happy about the good turnout for the event which was sponsored by AMR.
     Capt. Bowman and Capt. Bragg will be out servicing fire hydrants around Salida, testing pressure and flow. He asked that we wave or stop by and say "Hi! to them.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Report - Salida Community Deputy Lloyd MacKinnon shared some details about the recent burglary chase and apprehension. Deputy MacKinnon and a 911 dispatcher presented a program on how 911 calls are processed. Wallet cards were distributed to attendees with the following
contact phone numbers: Non-Emergency Dispatch (209) 552-2468, Sheriff's Department (209) 525-7114, County Animal Control (209) 558-7387 (Note: Listen to recording and select choice for "Unincorporated Area") California Highway Patrol (209) 356-2900, Cellular Phone Emergency (209) 558-HELP

Salida Sanitary Report - Salida Sanitary Board member Brad Johnson reported that the Sanitary district is still discussing solar options and had to replace some pump motors that went out. He also mentioned that no residents attended last month's Salida Sanitary Board Meeting and said it would be nice to have some attend. Mr. Johnson additionally mentioned that there is one more rate increase coming from the three that were originally passed. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

Salida Postmaster Report - Salida Postmaster John Cabral reported that the Stockton plant has been shut down and the 60 clerks from that plant will be rotated to work at local post offices throughout the region.  Mr. Cabral also shared that the bolted down mailboxes at the Kearney Post Office in Modesto were stolen.  Eight more community mailboxes in Salida have been broken into: Solero, Beard Point, Trailwood, Cypress Creek Way, Edgefield, Gardenview, and Sun Glen. Postmaster Cabral asked that residents never leave mail in their mailboxes over night and if you have a security camera on your house to please point it at the mailbox. That is how the last mailbox thieves were caught.

Salida Union School District Report - Salida Union Schools Superintendent, Twila Tosh, shared that Sisk and Salida Elementaries are getting new HVAC and solar panels. She also reported that land that is owned by the school district on Pirrone will be planted with 40 acres of almond trees donated to the school district and the sale of the almonds will be go to Salida Union School District. August 7 is the first day of school for Salida Union School District.

Male Chinese Pistache
Stanislaus County Parks and Recreation Department - Jami Aggers, Director of Stanislaus County
October Glory Red Maple
Parks and Recreation brought
 a handout listing the three types of trees which they intend to replace the 98 trees with to be removed on Pirrone, Finney and Sisk roads. The Parks Dept plans to send the project out to bid this summer and begin work in September.
Hybrid Pinkish-Red Crape Myrtle

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Report - Library Branch Manager, Diane Bartlett shared upcoming events at the library and the "Stanislaus Reads" program. Free signs for "Stanislaus Reads" may be picked up at the library and forms for the adult reading program can be downloaded here

Supervisor District 3 Report - Supervisor Terry Withrow addressed questions regarding whether the City of Modesto still plans to annex Salida and said that Katherine Borges is working on an incorporation report.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 7 pm at the Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library Community Room, 4835 Sisk Road, Salida. Featured topic is a preliminary incorporation report for Salida presented by Salida MAC boardmember, Katherine Borges

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